• What's this website for?

    This website provides a list of services offered by the local community of Palawan. You can think of it as a yellow page (directory) for odd jobs you don't usually find online. E.g. You need someone to do some repair on your house and don't know a carpenter.

  • Ok cool, we found what we need, how do we contact them?

    Each service entry has a contact information. Contacting the service provider is beyond the functionality of this website. You can either call/text/email the provider.

  • I know someone that provides a certain service, how can they be added to the website?

    You can create an account and post service providers' information for them. This is acceptable since this service is free. Listing of service providers that you know of is encouraged as well. This in turn helps the providers get some online presence from your post.

  • How much does it cost to post a service provider?

    P 0.00. (Zero. It doesn't cost a thing)

  • I found a provider/customer/seller/buyer, how do I contact them?

    Every ads should have a contact number or email information included with them. You can contact the advertiser through these contact information.